The Top 7 Charities That Are Saving Our Planet

It’s common knowledge that our planet isn’t going to stick around forever if we keep treating it the way we are. This fact lead me onto finding and researching the top charities that are doing their utmost to ensure our planet lives as long and healthily as possible.

7. Think.Eat.Save.

We’re all guilty of throwing way unwanted and expired food, and one company has seen this as a positive.

Think.Eat.Save seeks to help people join in on the right against food waste. By using initiatives already in place – such as Save Food and Feeding the 5000 – this campaign seeks to change people’s food wastage habits in order drastically lessen the amount of food we throw away.

In short, wasted food means wasted energy, land, water and continues to the production of greenhouse gasses.

6. Trees for Cities

This London-based organisation seeks to link communities and countries together by planting beautiful trees and green spaces in urban environments.

Not only does this campaign bring joy and beauty to industrialised urban areas, but they help clean the air by absorbing pollutants, growing food saving water and providing oxygen (there are many other benefits, too!)

You can aid Support Trees for Cities by taking part in a fundraising event, or better yet, get out there and join in on one of their planting days!

5. CamelBack #Ditchdisposablepledge

This campaign encourages people to participate in a 30-day pledge to not use disposable plastic water bottles in favour of standard tap water (served in glasses or reusable plastic bottles).

Tap water won’t necessarily kill you, especially if you’re only dedicating yourself to a month of it. Though, more importantly, going disposable-free for a month saves an average of 18 bottles from finding their way into the ocean and landfills. By buying your own reusable bottle, you could make a real difference, just throw it in your work/gym bag and be sure not to lose it! This challenge doesn’t have to end after 30 days, in fact, I encourage you to continue the cause! Make it your daily routine and stay hydrated the smart and eco-friendly way.

4. No Farms No Food

I’m not sure if you’ve seen Interstellar or not, but the film depicts a world where our resources are rapidly depleting due to a mass ‘dust’ epidemic, wiping our food resources such as farms, plants, fishing bays etc.

Our food systems are drastically changing, both for the good and the bad. The problem is that smaller farms that provide healthy, local food throughout the U.S., are struggling to keep active. No Farms No Food’s message is a simple one, supporting local food is of paramount importance.

The donations the charity receives are used to protect local farms, educate people on the importance of these farms, and finally, push bigger companies to support local food sources. Not only does eating local food save these farms, it’s better for your health, and in a world where we are constantly being told to eat healthier, why wouldn’t you opt for the eat local option?

3. I Want To Be

You may think you’ve heard this before, as campaigns such as Rinse, Reuse, Recycle have been around for years, however this company is slightly different.

I Want To Be urges people to give their trash new life. Similar to organisations such as Keep America Beautiful and the Ad Council, this organisation essentially transforms rubbish such as plastic bottles and cans into innovative, useful objects. Creations ranging from park benches, bicycles to helping construct the foundations for sport stadiums are all created by this organisation.

They even have some short videos here that put a cool, theatrical spin on recycling.

2. Solar Schools

Does what it says on the tin! Solar Schools install solar panels onto the roofs of schools in an attempt to cut down on electricity. Whilst their primary goal is to utilise solar power, the schools also aim to teach students and parents alike the importance of solar panels and how they work.

Each installation hopes to teach children from an early age that eco-friendly solutions are fun and play a vital role in the fight to save our planet. The campaign also seeks to provide workshops on sustainable energy for teachers!

1. Surfers Against Sewage

Again, their premise is a simple one, stop littering our ocean! In recent years, there have been a few campaigns that are actively tackling ocean pollution, most notably Ocean Cleanup which use artificial sea-barriers to capture plastic littering the ocean.

UK-based Surfers Against Sewage’s aim is to ultimately improve  the quality of our planet’s oceans, beaches and coastlines. Not only do SAS educate the public in regards to conserving and protecting the aforementioned locations, they also seek to change government policy and industry practices for the betterment of our environment.

Author: Ben Taylor

Eco Warrior! Recycling Buff! Owner of James Waste Management LLP, UK recycling over 90% of waste.

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