The Top 7 Eco-friendliest Hotels in the World

Hotels come in all shapes, sizes and extortionate prices. Dubai, for example, holds 6 of the 10 tallest hotels in the world, with the tallest comprising of 76 stories, standing at an astounding 355 metres! 

However, today we’re looking at some of the eco-friendliest hotels currently on offer.  

Many people might assume that staying in an eco-friendly hotel may mean sacrificing some of the finer things in life, such as electricity, heating and general comfort. If you’re looking for ways to make use of solar energy, why not take a look at our article on how to install solar lighting? 

Anyway, many hotels today are beginning to sway towards making greener changes to their current quarters. Reducing their carbon footprint not only serves the environment but in a world where there is currently so much emphasis on eco-friendly alternatives, customers are more likely to appreciate seek-out hotels with a greener outlook. 

I’ve picked out a handful of fascinating hotels that are looking to change the way we view comfort. Take a look below at what’s out there! 


  1. URBN Hotel, China

Despite China’s massive carbon footprint, and the smog particles that swarm some of their cities, they do have quite a fascinating eco-friendly hotel. Slightly ironic, no?

China’s URBN hotel becomes their first carbon neutral hotel, with plans to further reduce its carbon footprint in the near future. Inside the hotel, you’ll discover the entirety is made from locally sourced and recyclable materials and they even incorporate energy efficient lighting and cooling systems.

The URBN hotel is China’s first carbon neutral hotel and it has plans in store to reduce its carbon footprint even further in the future. The decor of the hotel is made from recycled or locally sourced materials and they also make use of energy efficient lighting and cooling systems.  

  1. The Hix Island House, Puerto Rico

This is one hotel that has become incredibly popular purely because of its eco-friendly approach. Using solar panels to power both the water supply and its electricity, the hotel is almost completely reliant on solar energy. The Hix also uses recyclable water from the guests’ showers in order to help the fruit plantations growing nearby. 

  1. The Proximity Hotel, U.S.A

With over 70 varied sustainable practices in place, the Proximity Hotel is definitely one of the more diverse eco-friendly hotels on the market. Based in Northern Carolina, the hotel uses almost 40% less energy than your average hotel, with the added benefit of its water usage being cut to a mere 33% through the use of some pretty clever plumbing engineering. This system they’ve incorporated saves around two million gallons of water every year! 

  1. Park Hyderabad, India

One of the newer buildings on the list, India’s Park Hyderabad was created with the fundamental purpose of encouraging sustainability. It didn’t scrimp out on aestheticism either, opting to use a unique metal screen that wraps itself around the exterior of the building. While giving the structure that modern look many buildings are currently going for (massive windows, allowing light in) which isn’t just for show, as the light powers both the heating and lighting, therefore not needing to solely rely on electricity. 

  1. LeFayResort, Italy 

A no nonsense hotel that harbours some outstanding eco figures. It uses 100% electrical energy, 85% for thermal energy, and 100% for room cooling and air cleaning. Their waste removal and disposal techniques are also worth admiration, as are their water saving techniques.  

  1. Urnatur, Sweden

It would be wrong to leave out Sweden from an eco-friendly topic. Sweden stands as one of the most (if not the most) eco-friendly country in the world, who are now opting to buy waste from other countries due to their efficiency.  

This hotel, however, offers a natural accommodation which is sure to place you back into tranquillity and nature. This isn’t going to be your average hotel experience, as your room places you in a tree house where you’ll be encouraged to scour for leaves to make your cups of tea. Fire and sunlight are your best friends here, as both are used to power the little electricity in the hotel and your warmth will rely on the wood from fallen trees. 

  1. The Ramada Eco Beach, Australia

Without a doubt, one of the best eco-friendly living quarters in the southern hemisphere. The hotel relies on self-sustaining solar power and their own personal water recycling plant. They even offer the option for guests to monitor their energy output – meaning they can swap and change their energy consumption.  

That makes up my top 7 eco-friendly hotels! Are there any that you’ve been to that I have missed from the list? Perhaps you’ve stayed in one of these fascinating hotels? Either way, we want to hear about it! Feel free to leave a comment below and we’re sure to get back to you. 



Author: Ben Taylor

Eco Warrior! Recycling Buff! Owner of James Waste Management LLP, UK recycling over 90% of waste.

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