The Benefits of Solar Lighting

The benefits of solar lighting are numerous but the most important is that solar lighting is a renewable energy source. Here at James Waste we love renewable energy sources because they help to save our environment.

If you have been foraging the internet in search of ways to minimise your carbon footprint, search no further – solar lighting is the answer. Not only will it help you reduce your carbon footprint but it could help reduce your energy bills as well! Read on to discover the incredible benefits of solar lighting.

No Outlet Required

Perhaps an obvious point but solar lighting does not require a main outlet to harness its power. Instead, solar lighting has small solar panels that use the sunlight to charge a battery. Solar lighting will charge during the day so that when night falls, your garden will be illuminated with light for hours on end.

With no need for an outlet, solar lighting is extremely convenient and can be placed wherever you like, without having to worry about being close to a power source.


One of the major draws to solar lighting is its cost-effectiveness. Solar powered lights are extremely cost-effective simply because they do not add to energy bills. Instead, they provide homeowners with a cheap and effective way to light their gardens with free energy from the sun.

Another cost-effective benefit of solar powered lights is that they are generally cheaper than electrical lights and homeowners do not have to pay expensive installation fees.

Furthermore, not only will you be saving on the electricity bill, but if you generate more electricity than you use, the extra can be sent back to the grid and you will receive bonus payments into your account for that amount. And with the ever-increasing costs of electricity bills, what could be better than saving a bit of money?

Environmentally Friendly

Solar energy is an environmentally friendly alternative to fossil fuels as it is non-polluting, reliable, clean and a renewable source of energy. It does not pollute the air, it is noiseless and it has no effect on the environment.

If you are a homeowner looking for a way to reduce your carbon footprint, solar lighting is the way to go. By combining the use of solar lights with other solar-powered appliances in the home, you will be vastly improving your lifestyle as well as living in a way that is far better for the environment.


Solar lights are much safer than electrical lights, candles and lanterns as they do not need electricity, cables or fire to provide light. The lack of cables and electricity makes them wonderfully safe around children, swimming pools and pathways as they are not hazardous in any way.

Furthermore, homeowners who use electric lights in their gardens are likely to switch off the lights when they go away on vacation or when they go to bed. With all of the lights off, it makes your home far more accessible to burglars or vandals. However, solar lighting illuminates your garden nightly, whether you are away or not, causing a strong deterrent for criminals and keeping your home and your family safe.

Wide Range of Styles

Solar lighting is a popular method homeowners use to enhance the aesthetic value of their home. Helpfully, solar lights are available in a variety of colours and styles to suit every taste. So, homeowners are sure to find something suitable for their garden, from permanent installations to temporary garden party decorations. Whatever your solar lighting needs, there are now plenty of designs to choose from. Quite simply, you are spoilt for choice.


Although solar energy cannot be produced on cloudy days or during the night, it can be used again and again during the day. Solar energy is a consistent and constant power source that can be used to harness light and power, even in the most remote locations.

The popularity of solar lighting is rapidly growing, with solar lights becoming available in a variety of elaborate colours and styles that can substantially enhance the outdoor appearance of any property. If you need more convincing, check out my article on why you need to switch to solar lighting in 2017. I’m pretty sure it will help to convince you to go green.

Author: Ben Taylor

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