Need a skip that’s larger than a 16 cubic yard skip that can carry up to 10 tonnes in weight? If so, these are the largest size containers that are available on the market today. They are great for larger loads – Ideal for the demolition work, factories etc. or major renovation jobs.

The shape of the containers make them extremely easy to load, with a large door at the rear of each container. The 20 yard container has very low sides which makes it ideal for loading heavy items such as soil, dirt, clay and hardcore with a small digger.

All roll on/off bins must be placed off road due to their size and weight. James Waste Management asks that prospective clients contact us before ordering a roll on/off container as there are certain requirements that have to be undertaken before delivery can be accepted.

20 Yard Container

20 yard roll on/ off hire

Our 20 cubic yard (15.3 cubic metres) containers are perfect for heavier waste such as rubble, soil and mixed construction materials. Most councils do not allow you to place these containers on public highways. It can typically hold up to 7 full pick-up truck loads. Comes with low sides for additional convenience. You can easily use a small digger to load clay, soil and dirt.Holds the equivalent of 200 bin liners.

35 Yard Container

35 yard roll on/off hire

Our 35 cubic yard (26.75 cubic metres) containers are ideal for large demolition work, new construction and home addition jobs. They can typically hold up to 11 full pick-up truck loads or the equivalent of 350 bin liners.

40 Yard Container

40 yard roll on/off hire

Our 40 cubic yard (30.58 cubic metres) containers are ideal for bulky waste items from house and business clearance jobs – They are also suitable for builders’ light waste. Industrial large scale producers also tend to hire these containers to separate their waste. They hold the equivalent of approximately 400 household bin liners.