Packaging You Can Plant

Eco-friendly food packaging products are hitting our markets like never before. With awareness of global warming rising and people trying to reduce their own carbon footprint, eco-friendly packaging is really taking off. Here at James Waste we love when our waste can be recycled, reused or planted instead of thrown away. That’s why we have written this article on packaging you can plant! What an innovative idea.

Companies that are using eco-friendly and sustainable products are reducing their carbon footprint and encouraging other organisations to do the same, thereby expanding the reach of sustainable packaging.

Eco-friendly, disposable packaging can help to minimise the amount of waste that is sent to the landfills where it can sit for hundreds of years. Together, we can help care for our environment by purchasing biodegradable packaging when we source our food products. Below are some of our favourite biodegradable products from designers and companies all over the world trying to make a difference.

Which Packaging Materials Are Biodegradable?

Often, we all support the idea of biodegradable packaging but we don’t know which materials can and which can’t be recycled. So, we have listed the materials that sustainable packaging is generally made from.

Paper – Paper is recyclable and, when obtained from sustainable forests, is extra good for the environment. Often the paper we use on a daily basis has already been made from other recycled papers.

Cardboard – Cardboard is also recyclable and, as long as it isn’t laminated, it can be used again or recycled.

Corn Starch – Corn starch is a filler that can be used in place of plastic bubble wrap or that horrible polystyrene packaging. And, when you are finished with this product, it too is fully biodegradable.

Biodegradable Plastic – Yes, this really is a thing. This plastic is now often used in the production of plastic bags and some envelop windows and it begins to decompose when exposed to sunlight. Is that clever or what?

Now onto some pretty amazing examples of biodegradable packaging…

Pangea’s Ecocentric Packaging

Pangea have created a fibre box for body/skin care products that is the first of its kind. The product creates zero waste and is created from 100% post-consumer paper board, without glues and dies.

After this product has been used, simply soak the box for one minute in water and then plant it an inch deep in soil. Soon enough, sprouts will pop up resulting in medicinal herbs! This is a product that just keeps giving back.

The cartons themselves are embedded with wildflower seeds. This supports the story of the Pangea brand about coming from the earth and going back to it. Both a beautiful image and a beautiful product that represents a sustainable ideal.

Disposable Food Bowl

The food industry is continually growing with more fast food, snacks and ready-meals on the rise than ever before. Packaging producers are finding it hard to keep up and the sheer amount of packaging required is causing a strain on our environment like never before.

To help change this, Michal Marko, a designer from Slovakia came up with an eco-friendly solution. He has created a biodegradable food bowl with seeds stored under the label. Once you have finished your food, simply tip the seeds into the bowl, with some soil and let them grow. After a week, plant the bowl in your garden, it will decompose and your plant will grow.

Bloom Everlasting Chocolate

I don’t think I have ever met anyone who doesn’t like chocolate. And what’s not to like when you can buy chocolate that comes in innovative packaging like the Bloom Everlasting Chocolate?

Connor Davey, a designer from the United Kingdom, describes Bloom Everlasting Chocolates as the ‘tasty gift that keeps on giving’. The packaging of these delicious chocolates is infused with seeds which can be planted and will grow the ingredient of the chocolate you have just eaten!

A range of the different flavour chocolates are packaged in this biodegradable packaging and when they grow, the mint chocolate pack will grow mint, the orange chocolate will grow an orange plant, the rose infused chocolate grows roses and the chilli infused chocolate grows a chilli plant.

Not only do you get to enjoy a bar of chocolate but the packaging leaves zero waste and it even grows a plant!

Final Words 

At James Waste, we love discovering innovative ideas that are also environmentally friendly and these incredible packaging ideas are remarkable! We hope you have been inspired by these products as much as we have.

Author: Ben Taylor

Eco Warrior! Recycling Buff! Owner of James Waste Management LLP, UK recycling over 90% of waste.

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