The London Whale: Raising Sealife Protection Awareness

The London Whale

As the world clamps down on fossil fuels and CO2 emissions, many parts of England are rallying to help fight the cause to save our planet.  

Recently, a giant 33ft whale made entirely out of plastic has been touring parts of the UK, in an attempt to raise awareness of our planet’s ocean health. In a recent survey, two thirds of people would be willing to see charges similar to the 5p plastic bag rule. Additionally, 87% of people were disheartened and concerned by the UK’s use of plastic goods, according to FlyResearch .  

The results of the survey were manifested in the shape of a massive 33ft long plastic whale.  

Unveiling the Whale 

Sir Ranulph Fiennes (a renowned explorer) and Jodie Kidd (a professional model) revealed the plastic whale in London. As mentioned previously, the whale is made out of the plastic pollutants that litter our ocean. More specifically, the whale was made out of the amount of plastic that litters the ocean every second.  

The Plastic Whale’s UK Tour 

james waste whaleThe whale is set to go on tour around the whole of the UK, hitting major cities to raise awareness. The tour aims to educate members of the public on simple, efficient ways to tackle pollution. From using refillable plastic bottles, to abstaining from plastic straws and plastic bags, these simple tips could severely improve our planet’s plastic waste issues. Sir Ranulph stated that “I’ve explored some of the most remote and vast points of the world and yet still witnessed the reach of ocean pollution.” 

Sir Ranulph spoke briefly about his experiences in tackling water pollution:  

“Between 1979 and 1982 my team completed the first surface circumpolar navigation of Earth and during both the Atlantic and the Pacific voyages we witnessed the amount of pollution, much of which was plastic and that was just on the surface. 

“It is vital that we all take action to protect our oceans and we must act now before the scale of this problem heightens further.” 

Sky Ocean Rescue is the campaign behind the movement. Thanks to them, the whale will be hitting coastal spots such as Cardiff, Blackpool and Edinburgh’s Ocean Terminal.  

Sandy Luk is the chief executive of the campaign, and she stated in an interview that their research “repeatedly finds items such as plastic drinks bottles, wrappers and bags on UK beaches. So much of this has been used just once and thrown away.” 

The general message Luk wanted to highlight was that if we began charging extra for plastic items such as bottles, straws, etc – it would make people think twice about opting to use such harmful products.  

Other Companies Acting Similarly 

james waste divingThere are a number of similar organisations doing their utmost to tackle ocean pollution. 4Ocean have put an artistic spin on a simple way to stop plastic from entering out oceans. For every one pound of plastic the company removes from the ocean, they sell a bracelet. So, keep on buying those bracelets and watch our oceans grow safer and cleaner every single day! 

Another project that’s removing plastic from our ocean is Ocean Cleanup. Originally a start-up company created by the young Boyan Slat, the company now employs 100 volunteers and professionals and was finally able to fund his ‘mega project’ named The Mega Expedition. The system works by deploying a massive 30ft U-shaped net that captures and removes rogue plastic and debris, while allowing sea life to safely pass through. If you’d like to hear more about their incredible impact, have a read here! 

Get Involved! 

JAMES WASTE HELPThere are so many ways that we can positively impact the world by reducing our waste output. From hiring a skip service that safely and effectively dispose of waste, to contributing to recycling charities, we can all do out bit to ensure our planet looks a little greener every day.  

Author: Ben Taylor

Eco Warrior! Recycling Buff! Owner of James Waste Management LLP, UK recycling over 90% of waste.

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