How to Install Solar Lighting

The benefits of solar lighting are numerous, as we have discussed in previous articles, and here at James Waste we love renewable energy sources because they help save our environment. As a renewable source of energy and with no need of an outlet, solar lighting is extremely convenient and can be placed wherever you like.

Solar outdoor lighting is quickly becoming the most popular way to illuminate your garden or outdoor space. But, do you know how to install solar lighting in your garden? Well, look no further as this article was written to answer all your installation questions. Not only will solar lighting help you reduce your carbon footprint, it could also help reduce your energy bills as well. Read on to find out how to install solar lighting.

No Outlet Required

This is an obvious point but solar lighting gets its energy from the sun and, therefore, it does not require a main outlet to harness its power. The only reason we are stating this at the top of our list is because, with no need for an outlet, solar lighting is extremely convenient and can be placed wherever you like without having to worry about being close to a power source.

Installing solar lighting is made so much easier with no need for wiring. However, there are ways you can maximise the effectiveness of your solar lighting by planning your installation thoroughly and considering factors such as location, sunlight, obstructions and aesthetic enjoyment.


Before installing your solar lighting, it is worth deciding which aspects or areas of your garden you would like to illuminate. Are you keen to light a path to the house or are you more interesting in illuminating various objects and plants around your garden? Whatever your preference, it is best to decide before going to the effort of installing the lights and then changing your mind. However, it is worth nothing that solar lighting can easily be moved around the garden, allowing you the luxury of experimenting until you find the ultimate location.


When finding the ultimate lighting location, it is worth avoiding any obstructions. One thing to be careful about when installing solar lighting is not to place units right on the edge of a driveway or in the path of lawnmowers as accidental damage is more likely in these locations. Make sure the solar lights are visible in the daylight and placed in locations where they won’t be tripping or run over.


One vital thing to remember when installing solar lighting is that the units will need direct access to sunlight to work effectively. Therefore, do not put your solar lighting in overly-shaded or dark areas as they will not get enough sun during the day to light your garden during the night. You should place them where you think they will absorb the most amount of sunlight each day, making sure branches or shadows caused by other garden objects do not shade or block the solar lighting from its energy source; the sun.

Prepare the Soil

When you are installing solar lighting units into your garden, you must remember to water the soil several hours before installation to make the installation easier. You can also break up the ground with a shovel or a fork to make it easier to pierce. Always ensure that the soil is soft and easy to push the stake of your solar lighting unit into. If the soil is too hard or, if you force the unit, you could cause your solar light to break.


Once the soil is soft enough, simply push the stake of your solar lighting unit into the ground, give it a little shake to ensure it is firmly in there and there you have it! Your solar lighting is installed and ready to soak up those sunny rays.


Here at James Waste we are passionate about the future of solar lighting and the positive effects it is already having on reducing pollution and energy consumption and improving our environment. As far as offering a convenient alternative to electrical lights, solar lighting really cannot be beaten and is illuminating gardens all over the country without sapping their energy bills.

If you would like to find out more, please do not hesitate to contact us today, we would love to hear from you. Do you have solar lighting in your garden? What do you like about it? Leave us a comment below!

Author: Ben Taylor

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