Caravan Found In Skip

Caravan found in skipWe just had to mention this story that surfaced in the tabloids recently as it’s got to be one of the funniest reasons why anyone would hire a skip.

The skip was hired from a company in Newport, Wales and it appears that the customer only hired it in order to dispose of his unwanted caravan. When the driver arrived to collect it, it was the only thing in the skip.

According to the story, the customer called and asked the company what couldn’t be put in the skip. Because staff listed of some obvious items (asbestos, car batteries etc.) but didn’t say “caravan”, the person decided it would be fine to winch the caravan up and onto the skip.

When the driver arrived, he called the office but had trouble explaining what he saw as he was laughing too hard!

After the customer was told that the company couldn’t collect the skip unless the caravan had been broken up first, he eventually broke it down into smaller pieces so that it could be collected.

Author: Ben Taylor

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