10 Ways To Recycle Old Tyres

Getting rid of your old tyres can be a huge task and something most people avoid for as long as they can. However, there are a myriad of clever DIY ways that each of us can use when recycling our old tyres. Pinterest is full of clever ideas that should help spark your creativity. Not only can you create something that is stylish and could be a talking point when guests come to visit, but you can do your part towards saving the environment. Below we have listed ten ideas for your that could help you reuse your old tyres. Why not give some of these a try?

Garden Planting Pots

tyre plantpot
Image courtesy of Manchester Evening News.

Recycled tyres are very popular for use outside, particularly as plant pots. Clean your tyres down and paint them to add a splash of colour into your garden. Fill the tyres with soil and get planting! An innovative way to achieve a unique garden style that all your guests will love!

Tyre Dog Bed

Who would have thought that an old car tyre would be perfect for creating an average sized dog bed? When using a recycled tyre to make your dog a bed, be sure to scrub down the tyre thoroughly until you are certain there is no debris or dirt left anywhere on its surface. Spruce up the old tyre by giving it a lick of paint and then lay the tyre down, placing a cushion or a series of blankets inside for ultimate canine comfort. And there you have it; a perfectly comfortable and quirky sleeping place your dog will love!

Garden Table

Another outdoor solution to modernise your garden décor is to stack a couple of those old tyres that you have abandoned at the back of the shed and make them into an outdoor garden table. Perfect for entertaining, it also saves you the hassle to transporting them to a recycling company. This way you can have the satisfaction of knowing you are helping the environment.


Ottoman’s are the perfect addition to any homes lounge or living room area. If you’re tall and like to stretch your legs out when you are relaxing watching TV, then an ottoman is a great stylish solution and it also saves your other family members from repeatedly asking you to take your feet down from the coffee table. Our suggestion is to cover the tyre with rope, wrapping it around and around until the whole tyre is completely covered.

Tyre Swings

One of the most popular uses for old tyres is as a swing. This is a great solution for old tyres, especially if you have children! You could even make it a family event by getting the kids to help paint and decorate the tyre – there’s a solution for those weekends when your kids keep bothering you because they have ‘nothing’ to do and are bored out of their minds. You’re welcome.


tyre sandpit
Image courtesy of Craftser.org.

Sandpits are still a real crowd pleaser with young children and the old tractor tyre sandpit is still very much in style. Clean your tyre down, paint if you want to, and then line the inside with weed matting. This helps serves two purposes. Firstly, it keeps out those unwanted weeds and secondly, it will help any water the kids are playing with to drain out. Fill your tyre with sand, this can be purchased at most hardware stores, and enjoy!

Outdoor Bike Rack

You can also recycle old tyres at schools to use in their common areas or playgrounds. Cut them in half, line them up next to each other and they are perfect for children to park their bikes in while they rush off to class. An inventive use for old tyres. You could even colour code them per year group or simply paint them all different colours to add some excitement to the playground.

Non-Slip Steps

A great use for old tyres is as a covering for your outdoor steps. All kinds of tyres can be transformed into durable, waterproof, non-slip surfaces for indoor and outdoor use. Using old tyres is a great way to prevent slippage in wet or moist areas. They are also easily cleaned, simply rinse or wipe and you are good to go! No need for carpet cleaning or constant sweeping!

Rugs and Floor Mats

You can also use your old tyres to create indoor and outdoor floor mats and rugs. There are a wealth of tutorials and ideas on pinterest and a whole host of videos on youtube talking you through the step-by-step process of making your own recycled tyre floor mat.


Belts are one of those things that people seem to replace often as then can start to wear out rather quickly, depending on the quality of the product. However, using strips from old tyres is a brilliant way to make a belt, as it not only holds your trousers up but it lasts for an extremely long time. After all, tyres are made to withstand a lot of wear and tear on the road and, no matter how confident you may be, your belt area is unlikely to see that much action.

We would love to hear some of your creations! Let us know in the comments below some of the creative ways you have put your old tyres to good use.

Author: Ben Taylor

Eco Warrior! Recycling Buff! Owner of James Waste Management LLP, UK recycling over 90% of waste.

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