10 Amazing Ways To Recycle Old Furniture

“Re-use”, “Upcycle” and”Recycle” are just a few words you can use to  express your creativity by reusing waste materials and unwanted items. Recycling old furniture for example can reduce environmental pollution and give your home a makeover at the same time, without spending too much money.

Recycling old furniture is easy and fun. For me, personally, I’m much more impressed when someone shows me an upcycled piece of furniture that cost them nothing but a few hours of time, than I am by someone showing me a piece that cost thousands. It’s not difficult either, and anyone can do it. It just takes a little bit of imagination and a little bit of time.

So, to help you get started I’ve trawled the Internet and found 10 inspiring ways to recycle unwanted furniture. I would love it also if you could post me any other ideas or examples that you’ve found or done, and we can make this page a resource of recycling ideas.

1.The sad white old dresser that got a total makeover

This is a great example of an old dresser that was going to get thrown away, but was given a new lease of life by a simple makeover. I found it on Melody’s blog which full of ideas and I picked this as a simple example of something that anyone can do. Full tutorial here.

Images from: www.mypassionfordecor.com

2.The coffee table that wanted to be a bench

This is a great idea. It’s a coffee table that’s been turned into a bench! You can realise this dream too and it will bring new life to a living room or children’s bedroom. Here you can read how to make it.

Image from: Sabby In Suburbia

3. The bed that wanted to be a bench too

Recycled benches are hugely popular as seating nowadays can be really expensive. This example is how you can make a bench from an old bed by separating the head and foot boards. The result looks like this:

recycling old furniture
Image from Pinterest.

4. The old cabinet who became your kids’ MasterChef set

Your children will be happy to play with this fancy (recycled) kitchen.

recycling old furniture kitchen kids
Image from: eHow

5.  The piano bar

Before throwing away your old piano, why not try creating a Welsh dresser? It’s a bit tricky, but well worth the effort. You can even line up some glasses and bottles of wine and have your very own piano bar.

Image from: Hometalk

6. The hippy cabinet

It’s unbelievable what you can do with a piece of furniture that nobody wants. It just takes a little imagination. Read the full story here.

Image from: Upcycle That

7. The drawers that finally grew legs and became tables

If you have disassembled an old dresser, you may consider reusing its drawers to create stylish pieces of furniture. It’s simple but amazingly effective.

Image from: Recyclart
Image and instructions: Happy Together


8. The suitcase that decided to stop travelling 

Turn an old suitcase into a coffee table for your living room. This is shabby chic at it’s finest. Instructions here.

Image from: Diy Network

9. The suitcase that loved books so much it wanted to become a bookshelf

A vintage suitcase can be transformed into whatever you want with a bit of fantasy and the right tools. Look at how to make your own “Eduardo”.

Image from: lessthanperfectlifeofbliss.com

10. The old door that became a vintage table

Are you replacing your home’s doors? They could become a table. Very French, very vintage style. Seriously you’d pay a fortune for something like this, but you can make it yourself.

Image from: Dirty Stains And Paint

Recycled furniture is gaining in popularity and has been ‘en vogue’ of late. More designers are turning their hand to recycling, or upcycling and selling their pieces for thousands. Why not cut our the middle man (or woman) and try your hand at upcycling yourself. Next time you’re about to chuck something away, stop and think for a moment. What can you do with it that’ll fulfil some other purpose? There’s no satisfaction like recycling something into something new.

If you know of any other examples please let me know, because this stuff fascinates me!

Author: Ben Taylor

Eco Warrior! Recycling Buff! Owner of James Waste Management LLP, UK recycling over 90% of waste.

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